Terms and Conditions - Deemed accepted on receipt of deposit/payment

Guests Responsibilities:

  • A 50% deposit to be made into our bank account to secure your booking. The balance must be paid on or before arrival and the refundable key deposit must also be paid on or before arrival.
  • Our prices are valid for EFT or Cash deposit.
  • International transfer costs are for the guest’s account.
  • A key/damages deposit from R200 to R2000 (depending on the size of unit and length of stay) is payable on arrival and will be refunded should the unit be in order. Should there be stains or damage we are not sure of removing or repairing, the key deposit will be refunded less costs once we have repaired damage or removed the stains.
  • Payment is for the stipulated number of guests only to be accommodated in the Stated unit. Additional guest arriving will be charged, if it is possible to accommodate them.
  • Washing of dishes is the guests responsibility (dishwashing liquid and cloths are provided)
  • Personal laundry during occupation is the guest’s responsibility (R50 per Load –DIY facility on Premises, or if we do it for you R100 per Load Wash dry and Fold. .Please do NOT overload either machine. Washing machine ¾ full not pressed down. Dryer takes half the machine load. If the machine is overloaded you will pay an additional R50 for the load for straining the machine and potentially breaking it.
  • Be responsible and do not leave completed laundry in the machines as others may need to use them.
  • Owner is not responsible for Guest’s property and Injury to guest while on the property.
  • Respect for owner’s property. Respect other guests and neighbouring residents. NO LOUD music, loud TV or parties.

Arrival/Departure Times:

  • Regular check in time is between 14h00 and 18h00. Check in after 18h00 must have paid in full before arrival including key deposit.
  • Guests to leave unit by 10h00 on date of departure or by arrangement at R100 per hour for 2 sleeper and R200 per hour for 4 or 6 sleeper units past 10h00. No check out later than 11h00 if more guests are to arrive on your day of departure.

Gate Access

  • For your own and the owners security please WAIT and check that the automated gate closes on entry and exit. This is for the Security of all on the property. Never let anyone in the gate unless they are your visitor or you know them, even if they say they live here.
  • Gate access is via a free cell phone call, although airtime is require to make a call.
  • The Gate access is linked to the accounts system and will only grant access to Guests with cell numbers on the system whose accounts are up to date. Monthly rates are due on arrival and thereafter on the 1st of each month.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your phone charged and loaded with air time so that you will have access. Buzzing the gate to gain entry or asking for us to open the gate on exit will cost you R50.


  • Please park in your allocated Bay. Absolutely no Parking in the turning area for emergency vehicles. (R250 fine) Visitors must park in visitor parking near the gate and not in undercover parking without asking the management first.


  • Free WIFI is available for surfing the internet and for emails. Please no gaming or large down loads as it grabs too much bandwidth and slows the service down for others.
  • Please note should there be a problem with the line, we are not obliged to provide an alternative, however we will pursue our service provider to rectify the situation.
  • Please keep Skype video calls to 10 minutes and change to Skype voice calls after about 10 minutes – you can again go to video call just before saying goodbye. Lengthy Skype video calls use excessive bandwidth.
  • Network = Will be provided PW=Will be provided (should the password change you will be notified)
  • Abuse of the facility will mean you will no longer have access.

Owners Responsibilities:

  • Breakages as a result of normal wear and tear – e.g. Plumbing and electrical. Please report any breakages or problems to us as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to rectify the fault as soon as reported.


  • Units are serviced Monday to Friday except on public holidays.
  • Bedding changed once a week. If you require bedding changed before 7 days please request it. Bedding stained with blood, wine or colour staining material will be washed the next day as stains left will be impossible to remove. You will be required to pay R40 per set of bedding changed before 7 days. Items with stains that are permanent will be charged against your key deposit.
  • Fresh Towels on day of arrival then also on Mondays and Thursdays – If you require Fresh towels any other day please leave them on the floor and we will replace them at R20 per towel deducted from your key deposit. Otherwise please hang up the towels if you do not want fresh towels. If you require fresh towels on a Saturday or Sunday, please request them on Friday as there is no service on a Saturday or Sunday and we will leave additional towels for you on Friday at R20 per towel.
  • Soiled mattresses will be charged at replacement cost. Should your child need a plastic mattress protector please request one.
  • If there is an electric blanket on the bed and you need it removed please let us know. For your safety please do not spill any liquids on the electric blankets when it is on and you are in the bed, it make shock you or even be fatal!
  • Washing of dishes is the guest’s responsibility, including on the day of departure. You will be charged R50 for dishes left for us to wash.

Absolutely no smoking inside:

  • Absolutely No smoking is allowed in the unit. (On departure the full damages deposit is retained if the unit has any traces of smoke or damage to bedding or furnishings or smoke smell has permeated painted surfaces and soft furnishings). You may smoke outside, away from open entrances or open windows.
  • No smoking inside at windows, or in the Shower/ bathroom with running water or with the use of Air Freshener. Ash damages carpets curtains and all synthetic surfaces.
  • If evidence of smoking inside is found during your stay you will, by your action, have cancelled your booking and you will be required to leave, as your action cancelled your accommodation and the cancellation policy will apply – early exits, receive no refund.

Refund of Deposit & Cancellation of Booking:

  • On cancellation, a 10% handling fee is charged.
  • The full deposit less the handling fee is refunded, if the booking is cancelled 4 weeks before the arrival date.
  • Half of the deposit is refunded if the booking is cancelled 3 weeks before the arrival date.
  • No refund of deposit if the booking is cancelled less than 21 days before the arrival date. Full payment is required for “no shows” or early exit.
  • Should we manage to re-let a cancelled unit, a pro rata refund will be considered.


While every reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of guests and their possessions on the rented premises, the owner of Fern Glen will not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained by whatsoever cause during occupation by guests.